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Learn how to write a great story.

Have been thinking and cooking with ideas? There you are building a story and if you want to make a super duper fun story or stories we are here to help you!

A fun story writing workshop for kids
Certified Course
Age 8+ yrs

Here we chat and learn and share ideas and together build wonderful stories to tell the world. We help you churn your ideas / thoughts and cook in a pot of fantasy/ fiction / fairy tale. You say and we together will build and make a story. All stories will be published in our monthly editing WiZdom (A fun infotainment magazine for moms and kids)

Genre :- General writing
Major ( fiction)
Minor ( learners pick)

Duration :- 3 months ( held every Saturday /sunday)/ or any 2 days via Zoom
2 months facilitation + 1 month internship

Happening 2 Days a week.

With 1 month internship with us.

Story books for assignments included


Certificate after completion. 🙂

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