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We are extremely happy to present you this series. This letter series is conceptually designed to break out the monotonous of the rote learning of teaching letters. We wonderfully present to you My Book of letter series where we encourage learning one letter with different activities. One book dedicated to each letter gives the child ample of space to explore various ideas in and around with the letter. We believe every child is different and needs his/her time space to absorb things. This book gives space to each child to flip through and randomly select activity which are thoughtfully designed to suit every child’s curiosity of learning. The activities take a tour through different levels of dexterity of absorbing the bits of learning. The content of the book is most suited preschool age. As we say every child is different we would urge to see your child’s readiness and pick the books. We are exclusively into making resources for alternative education and flexible learning where more than standard and age the readiness of child is monitored. We emphasize on encouraging learning and reinforcement through basic skill enhancement.

The content of the book is especially designed irrespective of any board / standard / curriculum with a sole intention of encouraging learning than teaching. Also the content of the book is designed to suit homeschoolers / flexible learners and also school going preschoolers.We have also made sure to generalize the content to suit slow learners and kids with learning disabilities. We hope you like and appreciate our efforts. If yes! Please connect with us via social media or mail us at This book has all activities with letter Cc. You can try your hands on all 26 books.


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