​After #Homeschooling

We have been just generally discussing about kids addicted to screens. #Mobiles#Videos etc.

We work towards zero screen time policy.

From #Monday We will be talking about how to implement this at home?
Often we see kids asking for cellphones and watch video! Trust us they are capable of lot more than this.



Here is a wonderful article that we came across.


Found this wonderful article.
Would love to add.

Also be gentle and use your normal tone to speak with your child. The kids listens good and try to replicate. (If purposely you blabber,The same will continue)

~Do not mark progress with Chocolates/chips etc. This gets habituated. If you restrict people not to offer things . You should also be following the same.

~Encourage,Dont praise.

~ Back answers are to be dealt with utmost patience.(Crucial age 2 to 5 ) years.