Manika Shah is an early childhood educator with rich experience in the holistic enrichment of children’s intellect during their formative years. Specialist in the domain of infant stimulation, she has crafted special kits for new and would be parents and take workshops on the same to create awareness. A firm believer in involved, hands-on parenting, she is passionate and very well read on topics related to parenting and child development. Also an experienced Phonics instructor, she has taken up an initiative to spread awareness of doing phonics with many DIY indigenous activities making the full program more effective, easy and fun, not only for children but  for parents/educators too.
Her Facebook group ” Early Insight – all about 0 to 8 ” is an online early childhood learning club for parents of 0 to 8 years, where the effort is to support & encourage them in their endeavor to raise creatively intelligent children. To visit group, follow the link
Manika also runs a centre by the name ‘OORJA’ for lesser privileged children which not only aims to provide them free educational support, but works on their holistic development. Oorja can be visited at
Manika is a certified child counsellor, holds masters in Medical Elementology & Toxicology. She is a Tarot reader, level II Reiki Healer, EFT practitioner and loves to doodle, read non fiction and do quilling in her free time.