​We are in 21st century where everyone is tech

Even the kids are exposed to technology so Much that they tend to know more than the parents. There are advantages and disadvantages for the same. Where on a other side people fight to put their kids in international schools and boast with Boards name(No offence).
Where parents on other end have. Sudden realizations that their kids aren’t performing good when exams are approaching. At this stage there are few things that is to be remembered.

1. Do not stress!

2.Each child is different and needs time to understand a concept.

3. Parents are always first teachers so if you are putting in something you aren’t doing out of Mars (This inturn means that nor the school teacher or coaching teacher is to be blamed).
We are here to create a healthy environment and enrich young minds. Our aim is not to put A grades on Grade Cards but to give them best of access to sources available in a child lead way.

4.We are Small Educational hub. We aren’t wholesalersRetailers and shopkeepers to bargain with.