As said it’s a decade old venture. But I look back to see many things even the smallest one has taught me big lessons in life.

My Nani (Grandma) has always been a major inspiration to me. Mother of 10 kids. She is been a wonderful person. She has been a major inspiration when it came to Montessori | Early learning |Nutrition and childcare care. She passed on her teaching to my mom and me. She had studied and researched about different teaching philosophies and Alternative education methods. I never remove being alone. There are bunch of people / moms going down to our place where they spent 5-6 hrs together learning and exchanging ideas about gentle parenting and Montessori. She was a great philanthropist who believe is passing on the knowledge. ( Mom and Grandma ) could have done only for me. But they choose to invite and call down people and tell them about everything they knew hence making lives beautiful and enriching young minds.

This inspired me a lot to.take the venture ahead and give and spread a joy of learning. Although I never knew I wanted to do this.

I was partially home schooled while going to different schools.( I never like going to school).

 My dad has been a utmost source of inspiration and endurance to me who inspired and taught to live lives beyond frames.