How to start homeschooling?

Now once you have decided that you want to homeschool your kids the major question arises where to start from.?

Everything seems so bizarre.But just take down a moment and list down. Pen and paper will surely help. Note down whatever you think you want to start with and put it in a paper and keep a follow-up.

Out of the whole ocean here are 5 important points that will help you .

  1. Legalities are to checked and figured out. Just as any public school curriculum you need to decide what curriculum (Board SSC /CBSE etc or any specific that is already followed at you public school and you want to continue with same because your child is use to it(It’s varies from state to state ).

  2. Research and decide how are you going to approach. You need to tell your child that he /she is going to be homeschooled (Whatsoever the reason is) should be explained gently and in a very healthy way. You aren’t doing a out of the world crime so put it up in a positive way. In case of Psychological issues take it even more gently.

  3. Make a flexible time first (atleast initially)until and unless your child and you are use to it. Remember you can always change/alter . Keep it activity based initially so that interest level develops.

  4. Include lots and lots of other books related to the subject.E.g If studying geography for a day you can also read together Nat Geo magazine,Geography encyclopedia or any little book that is related to subject this will enhance the knowledge and create a more wider base of infinity towards learning.

  5. Keep in touch with local homeschool community/Group/fellow homeschooled kids and parents and always be open to gaining ideas and exchanging thoughts about curriculum and other things.

  6. Being Patient ! Now this is highly crucial point  and needs to be practice religiously every day and every minute. We are not coming 2 minute noodles so Being calm and homeschooling on!

Again kuddos to all Mommies who all are homeschooling their kids. You all are super revolutionaries moms!!.

Renuka Mahesh.

Child psychologist/Educator /nutritionist.

Explore kids World.