An actual start.

Now once you have decided that you are going to homeschool your kids. The first thing is to gather resources. Here you have sailed half of the sea. Now this had categories. Usually major homeschooling (Not actually called at the age) is 1-6 years. The delay of child getting enrolled in the school means that at a backdrop he/she is learning something directly or indirectly at home.

Usually major homeschooling is seen in the age (1-6)years.

Some of the methods that are used are.

  • Montessori

  • Reggio Emilia

  • Waldorf Steiner

  • Integrated

  • Playway

Among this Montessori is the most loved and practised method as it is hands on and easy to implement at a home with available resources . This is also a Wonderful method which gives child the freedom to choose the activities and learn via self correcting methods. Another reason for Montessori homeschooling is that there are tons and tons of resources available that are super easy to use. E.g printables. Any Mom who is homeschooling their toddler /Pre-schoolers will find a wonderful access and the efficiency in delivering the knowledge becomes easy.

Higher standards

Now Montessori can be practised till the age of 12 and further (But we In India have no such state laws or elementary Montessori schools). So from Grade 1 where the options of different boards area where options of different boards are available. Selection can be done according to the curriculum / area you stay or Child’s interest. Remember there is no.such rule that you have stick to one, provided that you are not giving every grade exams.If you are giving every grade exams then you have stick to one curriculum.

-ICSE and IB boards (Selected) allows a child to stay at home and attend the examination at the end.

– In other cases Homeschooling is carried out completely till age of 16 and then externally appeared for grade 10.

-Even further one can skip grade 10 and take up Bachelor’s development Programme or similar and pursue his graduation and post-graduation.

Remember this a wonderful journey of you and your child. Success isn’t what the world applauds but something that you master on your own.

Thank you