Hello everyone this is Renuka Mahesh,Child psychologist and a child educator by profession.

I have been loving the Homeschooling Concept and I am here to pour in some ideas and gain some inspiration from other moms too


Why Homeschooling?

There are many reasons why people choose Homeschooling.

Now this goes to a very personal level and the decisions are completely made by deciding body (Parents or Guardians).

There are many reasons why Homeschooling is chosen,Some major reasons are.

● Psychosocial issue.(Insult /Punishment or discouraged at school).

● Bad experience at school.

●Which in turn develops fear.

●Child refuses to go to school.(If your child is doing this do not ignore.He/She is the most genuine and innocent who will show you the true picture)

●Health Issues

Weak immune,that will surely catch up infections too soon. Health is wealth so.mostly school is delayed or Homeschooling option is choosen.

●On constant Medication

●Other reasons.


High school fees hike

Admission issues

Unsatisfactory results from institutions

(sometimes the teachers in the institutions are not qualified and may not be able to deliver what the child really wants.)

Now that if you find anything that is your case. And you have finally decided to Homeschooling your kid.

Here are some pointers that will help you to start Homeschooling.

  • If in the mid-year of the school complete the year.

  • Select about how you want to continue with the same school syllabus or you want it to be according to your own .

  • Locate nearby activities and Homeschooling centres and groups that will give completely allow you and your child to go and access the materials and discuss with other homeschoolers .

  • Explore available Homeschooling methods.

1.Funschooling(Sarah Jannie Brown has wonderful books/Activity books/Journals)which can be followed as curriculum. All Funschooling moms create a space at home with different baskets and arrange books accordingly. A child is free to select whichever basket he/she wants .

2.Unschooling. (Practical life oriented)

  • Find learning resources which is available in ample (Thanks to Internet and Pinterest)

Homeschooling is always a challenge and everyday task. So what helps is being patience and exploring ways..

Remember you are on a wonderful journey where consistency is high in demand.

Thank-you! And kuddos to all mommies who have choose Homeschooling.