The 7th type of Homeschooling is Montessori method of Homeschooling.

Confession (This is my personal favorite and we are absolutely in love with the Montessori philosophy,practising over decades and decades)

Montessori is an educational approach developed by Italian physician and educator Maria Montessori.

She encouraged independence & freedom within limits and respect for child’s  natural psychological,physical and social development. Classroom are secular in nature also integrated successfully into a faith based learning. Where a teacher(more appropriate to call a facilitator) has to show a complete faith in child and bring out it’s natural curiosity and encourage self-catering methods of learning.

Some elements in typical Montessori classroom

  • Mixed age classroom.2.5 or 3 to 6 years.

0-3,6-9,9-12,12-15 and 15-18 year old classroom exists as well

  • Student choice of activity with a prescribed range of options.

  • Interaction with the Montessori material developed by Maria Montessori,which is made up of natural aesthetic materials such as wood,rather than plastic.

  • Freedom of movement within the classroom

  • Uninterrupted block play

  • Here the teacher rather than teaching or bombarding observes the child’s natural.tendencies,characteristics,innate talents and abilities

Every material has its own importance and a unique blend is created with the child’s natural interests and the available activities. Children learn through their own experience and own pace.Montessori is one of the best method that is followed when homeschooling is considered. As many leads and resources are easilyavailable.One can easily practise it at home(0-6 years)

Aspects of Montessori skills

2. Sensory (Touch and feel)

3.Fine motor

4.Gross motor

5.Practical Life



8.Geography & Science.

This just a cup of the ocean. .Montessori is easy to practise at home. I will list down some if the books that will help you.

  1. The Absorbent mind

  2. The discovery of the child

  3. The secret of childhood.

We child psychologists insist on practising Montessori at home because we have seen how beautifully the outcome is. The ease and freedom granted helps the child develops own interests to go beyond horizon and involve on trying new things. The method is absolutely reality oriented,No fantasy involved.

More of this I would say . Montessori is a way of life that teaches child to overcome his/her set of fears.