We are coming up with a unique concept of Mother Toddler Group.

Providing a great opportunity for your child to free play and Explore out of the box.

Montessori Inspired playHub to enhance child Sensory / fine motor / gross motor skills.

To facilitate learning in a play way method and also give a platform to all the new moms an opportunity to explore different aspects of their child.

These are divided into 3 categories.

A.(8-18 months)

B.(10m to 1 year 4 months)

C.(1 year 5month to 2 year )


Activity based integrated learning that stimulate child development in language social/emotinal,Physical and cognitive area.

Also to.encorage the exploratory side of the little one and let them Explore in their own way without any hindrance or Interferences. Providing them with unstructured and free multisensory stimulation through visual,Auditory,Kinesthetic (Touch based).

Each session is carefully monitored to maintain safety standards. We carefully monitor and judge to extract maximum potential for individual toddler.

For more details

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