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So as discussed offline we will be hosting a small discussion about #Homeschooling from Tomorrow!

Books | Implementation | Benefits .
We do have some kids who are extremely facing bad situation at schools and are now super petrified to go. They are extremely affect Psychologically. This does not mean that this is the only reason why kids are homeschooled.
#MondayMorning#Homeschooling. ?
#2 reason for Homeschooling. Frequent transfers/No-mid admissions.

This is also major reason why Homeschooling is choosed. Frequent transfers and mid way leaving school cam tend to take up homeschooling This may be for a year or so on or can continue. There is no harm in continuing homeschooling . ? On a positive note ?

Let’s encourage the movement and help the kids to gain knowledge in very calm and stressfree way!

Plus you have  complete liability to choose your interest in subject and select curriculum .


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