​Where major of the kids gradually enjoy going to school. There are another bunch of kids who had bad experiences and are are just freezed in their young life. School seems to be haunted place.

Here is where Homeschooling comes. Where a child can learn and Explore in his/her own space. Plus they have access to almost everything that is available to them.


#2 reason for Homeschooling. Frequent transfers/No-mid admissions.

This is also major reason why Homeschooling is choosed. Frequent transfers and mid way leaving school cam tend to take up homeschooling This may be for a year or so on or can continue. There is no harm in continuing homeschooling . ? On a positive note ?

Let’s encourage the movement and help the kids to gain knowledge in very calm and stressfree way!

#3 Monetory.


No offence at all.

Just a thought . Whichever school you step they have criteria. For new admissions they charge X amount of Donation and X amount of fees which is too high. That sum can be easily utilized to buy ample amount of books that a child is interested in. If this is the fees for one year what is total sum going up,At the end of the schooling where the college free are yet high what are we saving for our future.

What facilities are you getting from the X school? Analyse yourself whether you get for what you pay! We buy branded clothes so that they are in good quality then if we pay high our child should be bought up as good human being.

Schools shouldn’t be burden of books | Assignments | Homework | Worksheets etc. Stepping a step front we shouldn’t forget that we are not in a Rat race.Boards are meant to be superior or interior it’s all about our knowledge enhancement.