Today we have shweta Shrivastava with us!

Sweta is the founder of Tellmeastorymom.
Tellmeastorymom is an initiative to spread values among the new generation.
It’s a place to share short and sweet stories for kids and teens.

It’s all started when her little daughter asked for more and more stories everyday on varied topic, at that time Sweta came up with the idea of Tellmeastorymom.

In, you can select stories on the basis of categories, if you want to tell your kid about the importance of honesty or bravery then you can select that category and can read and narrate story to your young ones.

She says “my daughter is the inspiration behind Whenever I want to tell or teach something to her then I convert that thing to a story.
If you want to raise a good human being then you have to inculcate values first, and good stories are the best way for this. I grow up listening lots of stories from my parents and grandparents, so the same way I want to raise my daughter.”

She is an IT professional and currently working in a MNC in Singapore. She is a firm believer of early learning and Montessori style. Tellmeastorymom and dance is her passion. Her hobbies are reading (mainly biographies & inspirational/motivational stories), baking and spending quality time with her family.

You can check Tellmeastorymom through the below link, or can connect via Facebook page :