​I wish playschools go beyond New bags and Material things.

To learn or habituate learning and building up skills in young .

Parents please be careful while you enroll your child to any playSchool.

Most tend to pick up the not-so-necessary first.

#1. Environment

This is an very crucial factor . Do not blame the little kids but do a thorough reality check.

The little ones tends to pick up the bad or not so necessary first. Cleanliness is essential and it will effect the overall health. The little parrot like kids who literally pick everything that they hear,tends to go with everything that they see and hear.

The teachers play a crucial role in environment. Well practices should be followed and every little discipline should be maintained.Specially with first timers need to be placed in an environment which is clean and have ample of light.

Inappropriate locations may bring unhealthy environment and little one may get prone to diseases.

Four major elements to consider when creating healthy and happy environment are:

  1. 1. The well-being of those in the classroom (safety)
  2. 2. The perspectives of those who will use the environment (culture)
  3. 3. How the space accommodates appropriate activities and enhancing skills (zoning)
  4. 4. How the materials present should encourage learning . Good Setup(set-up).