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Product Description

Communication is way to help us share and exchange ideas. But communication with flaws would give an absolute wrong impression.

Effective communication will not only help in delivering your ideas and thoughts in best possible way but also create an impression of your personality.

A curated course for young kids which will help to build a strong foundation in spoken and colloquial English.

This is open dexterity based and flexible module where we will check the child’s level and build up the facilitation accordingly.

Description based
Speaking about yourself.
Describing things around you
Describing your day to day life activities / Tours / Trips / vacations.
Speaking about your favourite things.

Brief picture description

Word building with word games.

Sentence formations

Working on colloquial conversation with our books.

Duration :- Adviced at least to take up for 5 months.

Can continue to be in touch.

Classes once missed wont be re-scheduled. Whatever missed shall be covered in the next class

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