Explore kids world in association with Explore Education society brings you a wonderful set of letter series where in we have conceptually designed one book for one letter.

What is letter series?

Many activities with one letter helps reinforce the concept . #MybookofletterA
#MybookofletterB and so on.

A child learns about concepts more deeply. E.g. A is not only for apple but also for Alligator / Acorn /Arm etc.

Has activities / words / tracing / brain gym leads

Fun way of learning without abstract. Knowledge building from concrete to abstract.

Gradual increase in the dexterity level builds step by step confidence in learning with curiosity.

Exclusively made for homeschooling and flexible learning curriculum this series is especially put up for self-learning.

These books are designed irrespective of curriculum,age,boards. Learning is a mere out of curiosity and should not to be framed in any frame work or system..

You can check our books here explorekidsworld.com
Stay tuned for more.